HotSpot Inc. Joins Kindness Meter Initiative

November 6, 2018

Thanks to Hotspot Inc., Frederictonians now have a new way to give to Downtown Fredericton’s Kindness Meter program.  Users of the HotSpot mobile parking app will now be able to make a donation directly through the mobile app.

HotSpot is best known for their pay-by-phone parking and transit solutions available in many cities in Atlantic Canada.  “Hotspot is part of the community and we appreciate that we need to do our part to make Fredericton a better place to live. The Kindness Meter functionality is our development team’s way to give back and we’re happy to offer this option as a way to donate and ensure 100% of the donation reaches your local community charities.”  Says Phillip Curley, CEO, HotSpot Inc.

Downtown Fredericton piloted the Kindness Meter initiative three years ago by repurposing six parking meters and placing them throughout the downtown to collect funds for the Fredericton Homeless Shelters and Community Kitchens.  Therese Murray, Executive Director of Fredericton Community Kitchens notes that the Kitchen’s mission is to help feed Fredericton’s hungry, and says “With initiatives and creative fundraising ideas like that of the Kindness Meters, this helps us make our mission possible. We are so grateful for the support of our community in helping us achieve our goal.”

The Kindness Meters have brought in over $14,000 since the introduction of the program in 2015.  These funds have gone directly to supporting the Fredericton Homeless Shelters and Community Kitchens who between them provide over 14,600 bed nights each year and 6530 meals per month between in-house and outreach programs.

“The Kindness Meters mean more than people think for us at Fredericton Homeless Shelters,” offers Warren Maddox, Executive Director of the shelters.  “They mean we are receiving some important funds to support our critical mission in our city. The addition of a new method to show your compassion is a very positive thing. HotSpot is one of those very innovative business ideas to come out of Fredericton. The Shelters is also committed to creating innovative solutions to everyday issues. This program helps us do exactly that.”

If you are paying for your parking with the HotSpot app or walking out of a downtown store with change in your hands, please consider making a donation to the Kindness Meters in support of those in our community who are unable to provide all of the necessities of life for themselves.