Gallery on Queen

Located in a modern space in Fredericton’s historic downtown, Gallery on Queen houses an amazing collection of contemporary Canadian fine art with artists from across Canada. The gallery aims to represent the best of emerging and established Canadian artists.

The bright, airy space is designed to encourage leisurely browsing and welcomes visitors to enjoy a wide range of artistic styles and genres. They strive to feature works from artists of all backgrounds and highly encourage diversity. The work shown aims to cultivate a dialogue amongst viewers and is an inclusive space for everyone.

Gallery on Queen believes in an affordable and accessible approach to collecting and that everyone should be able to own an original work of art. The gallery is a significant resource for both the novice art buyer and the seasoned collector alike. From the traditional to the contemporary, the gallery will house an ever-changing collection of artistic mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, works on paper and ceramics.

406 Queen St.