Improvement Programs for Members

Quick facts:
  • Applications must be submitted before any work is done
  • Letter of Approval: once an application has been received and reviewed, DFI will send a letter of approval. When you have received a letter of approval, work may begin.
  • Work must be completed AND, claim form (including proof of payment) must be submitted before December 31, 2023.
  • Contact / 458-8922 for an application form and complete application process and conditions.

Program Objectives

This funding program is administered by Downtown Fredericton Inc. The program is intended to provide financial incentive and aid to property owners and tenants to improve the exterior appearance, security and available parking of their properties.

Who is eligible?

All non-residential property owners and tenants located within the Downtown Fredericton Business Improvement Area.

All outstanding receivables, including Business Improvement Area levies for the subject property, must be up to date to be eligible for a grant under these programs.

Application Process:

  • Applications, including written cost estimates, must be submitted to Downtown Fredericton Inc. prior to the commencement of any work.
  • Where applicable, tenants must show written consent and approval from property owners by having them sign the Improvement Program Application Form.
  • Improvement grants are available on a first-come, first-served basis until the annual budget allocation has been depleted.

Available Grants:

1. Façade Improvement

Façades are defined as the outside wall, which borders on a street, parking lot, walkway or public alleyway. Façades that border on narrow corridors between buildings or that will have a structure constructed along that façade in the future are not eligible to receive assistance.

Eligible Work: Painting, Siding, Windows, Doors, Awnings and fixtures, Outdoor patios (excluding wooden fencing or rails), Permanent window displays, Reconstruction, Accessibility improvements, Signage and professional consultations

Available Funding Assistance: Funding assistance is available for eligible improvements of commercial buildings within the BIA. Façade Improvement Assistance will cover 50% of the total costs to a maximum of $4000 per façade with a maximum of two façades per application.

2. Security Improvement

This program is designed to help private commercial property owners/tenants to identify safety and security concerns for their property. Grants are intended to aid in the design and implementation of measures taken to respond to and encourage a reduction in vandalism, trespassing and other security issues. (example: installation of security cameras).

Eligible work: Professional consultation; identification, design and installation of exterior lighting and security cameras on buildings, in alleyways, driveways, and parking areas; fencing or other aides to improve the security of the property; security cameras.

Available Funding Assistance: Funding assistance is available to assist in securing a building and property.  Funding assistance will cover 50% of the total costs to a maximum of $3500 per property.

3. Parking Lot Improvement

The parking lot improvement program is designed to provide commercial property owners / tenants financial assistance to increase the aesthetic appeal and property value by improving available and accessible parking for clients and customers.

Eligible work: Professional consultation, design, landscaping, grading, lighting, signage, mechanical gate, paving, painting parking space layout, fencing.

Available Funding Assistance: Funding assistance is available to complete eligible work to improve private parking lots. Funding assistance will cover 50% of the total costs up to a maximum of $3000 per property.

4. Beautification Improvement

The first impressions of our patrons and visitors are so important and this starts with providing an attractive safe, clean, and pedestrian friendly downtown.

Eligible work: Flowers, Shrubs, Planters, Flowerpots, Plants, Trees, Window Boxes

Available Funding Assistance: Funding assistance is available for eligible beautification improvements on the exterior of commercial properties and businesses. Funding assistance will cover 50% of total costs to a maximum of $250 per property.

Contact / 458-8922 for application form, application process and grant conditions information.