Outdoor art exhibit brightens downtown construction zone

When warmer weather arrives each Spring, construction season also begins, but this year Downtown Fredericton Inc. is making extra efforts to keep a major construction zone looking great with the installation of an art exhibit featuring the work of local artists.

Earlier this week, 40 digitized pieces of art were put on display along the construction fencing on Regent Street’s east side in an effort to support the businesses in the construction zone through beautification of the area, as well as to provide a taste of the talent we have in our local artists.

The idea for the project came about as Downtown Fredericton worked with the City of Fredericton through the winter months, preparing for major infrastructure renewal on the street.  “Our businesses have all been affected over the past 15 months due to Covid-19, so the stakes are even higher for all concerned when we add a major construction project right outside the door.” said Mike Babineau, president of Downtown Fredericton Inc.’s Board of Directors, “As a Board we felt that we needed to do something that would attract people to the area while the construction is happening and when the idea of a temporary art exhibit came up, we all agreed to move forward with it.”

Earlier this Spring a call was issued to the local art community, inviting artists to submit pieces for consideration, and 40 submissions were selected.  The art was digitized and printed on 5’x7’ mesh panels with the artist’s name and a unique QR code added to each one.  When scanned, the QR codes link to the individual artist’s website or a social media platform, allowing those interested to learn more about that artist’s work.

The temporary exhibit, titled “On the Fence”, will remain in place for the duration of the construction project which is expected to wrap up at the end of August.