#SupportFredLocal initiative launched to encourage residents to buy local

Fredericton, NB (April 30, 2020) – The City of Fredericton (Tourism), Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Fredericton Inc, Business Fredericton North, and Ignite Fredericton have launched a #SupportFredLocal partnership to encourage residents to buy from local businesses.

The #SupportFredLocal partnership features a dedicated City webpage www.fredericton.ca/SupportFredLocal which directs residents to businesses that are open or offering alternative forms of purchase like online shopping, take-out, and delivery during COVID-19.  This partnership bolsters the tremendous work of the agencies in serving their members and creating ‘open-for-business’ lists.  During the coming weeks, residents will see and hear various messaging designed to point residents to the #SupportFredLocal webpage.

This economic development effort complements the City’s Coronavirus resource page www.fredericton.ca/coronavirus, and other works in development, like ‘People Helping People,’ to help residents connect with local resources.


Stacey Russell, Manager of Fredericton Tourism: “In an effort to help the hospitality sector, Fredericton Tourism created the #SupportFredLocal initiative which has quickly grown to a listing of more than 200 local businesses that are open and finding alternative ways to conduct business .  We are very pleased to partner with the agencies to bolster this effort, and give Frederictonians a centralized point where they can access information and #SupportFredLocal businesses!”

Krista Ross, CEO of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce: “The Fredericton Chamber is excited to be part of the #SupportFredLocal initiative to accelerate the recovery process.  When we work collaboratively with the City and the other agencies – the impact is amplified!  We have been focused on getting timely information in the hands of our members and to the community through our ‘Open, Operating and Offering Help’ page, which details what businesses are open and to what extent.”

Trina MacDonald, General Manager of Business Fredericton North: “Business Fredericton North has been working to provide vital information to our 200 plus members and the public during this unprecedented time, we have partnered with the other business agencies and the City of Fredericton on the #SupportFredLocal campaign to further reinforce that we are open for business and the importance of supporting our local businesses during this time.”

Bruce McCormack, General Manager of Downtown Fredericton Inc.: “As we work with downtown businesses to spread the word that many are operational, and with the expectation that even more will be opening their doors in the coming weeks, partnering with the City and other agencies only makes sense.  Together we have a common goal to support businesses as well as our residents through this unprecedented time.”

Larry Shaw, CEO of Ignite Fredericton: “The heart of our community is often the strength that helps us meet challenges. The COVID 19 pandemic has challenged every aspect of our lives, we may not see the end as of yet but our response was predictable. Fredericton joined forces, engaged its citizens, businesses,  stakeholders, and partners to find creative ways to keep moving forward. Supporting local entrepreneurs will strengthen our recovery and will make us stronger.”